Drinking diet for weight loss - how to lose 15 kg and cleanse the body in 30 days

Adherence to a drinking diet leads to excellent results, more precisely, you lose 5-7 kg per week, about 15 kg per month. Weight loss is a natural process, the largest amount is spent in the first week, and then weight loss slows down. However, such a diet is suitable only for healthy and strict people, because the diet is very strict.

The importance of diet

The basic principle is to use only liquid foods that you can drink. The whole point of a drinking diet is that the lack of solid food in the diet reduces the production of stomach acid. As a result, the body needs to eat fewer and fewer calories.

In addition to fighting obesity, diet is also used as a means of cleansing the body. By the end of the first week, toxins and toxins begin to be eliminated from the body. Global cleansing occurs on days 14-20 of the diet and is completed by the end of week 4. Purification begins in the kidneys and urinary system and gradually progresses to the cellular level.

Remember, in the first 3-4 days the body simply gets used to it and does not need to wait for special results. But by the 5th day, you will notice results in both well-being and weight loss.

Fruit smoothies for diet drinking

Rules and first impressions

You will feel hungry on the first day, it is important not to go on a normal diet and proper intake will help. On the second and third day there is a feeling of fatigue and severe weakness. This is the hardest time, and the most important thing is to wait. If you are successful, on the fifth or sixth day your body will be relieved and you will start to feel much lighter.

The next difficult stage is the end of the diet, more precisely the last 3-4 days and the withdrawal process itself. If you are not ready for a 30-day race, it is better to choose the shortest option. In addition, along with the entry and exit of the diet, it is generally required in the same month (with a 14-day option).

Express option can be made in 1 day. This is a fast day, not a diet. True, you need to prepare for it gradually. Such fasting days can be observed once every six months.

Drink water on a drinking diet

Basic nutrition rules:

  1. Only liquid food is consumed, p. a. the one you drink. All solid foods are included in the ban, as should chewing.
  2. It is advisable to take 200-250 mg at a time. But there is no limit to the number of meals, mainly on a drinking diet they eat 4-6 times a day.
  3. The maximum duration of the drinking diet is 30 days. It can damage your health in the long run.
  4. The allowable frequency of the diet is once a year.
  5. To prevent swelling, do not drink anything for 2 hours before bedtime. 3-4 hours before bedtime for the last meal.
  6. Pay special attention to the seat. If it is liquid, or vice versa, you have constipation, you should stop the diet immediately, but follow all the rules to get rid of it.
  7. It is necessary to reduce physical activity. This diet option is not suitable for medium and high-intensity exercise (cardio and strength training). If you need physical activity, try relatively static exercises like yoga or Pilates.
Exercise during the diet

Adverse effects

Before deciding to go on a drinking diet, you need to weigh the pros and cons. In this case, both are sufficient. This method of weight loss is very effective and you can lose up to 15 kg after a thirty-day diet. In addition, with the right treatment, you can completely cleanse your body at the cellular level. But the! These advantages also have the other side of the coin.

The diet is very poor in the drinking diet. You get minimal calories, vitamins and minerals. The food is out of balance. Lack of solid food, on the other hand, can damage the digestive system.

As a result, deficiencies in essential amino acids and proteins can lead to a lack of nutrients in the body. The body begins to weaken and a number of diseases worsen. In addition, you can feel a strong breakdown, and if you combine exercise with diet, you can get tired.

In addition, you may experience disadvantages such as:

  • brittle nails;
  • gray skin color;
  • disruption of the menstrual cycle;
  • sagging skin;
  • hasty and brittle hair.
brittle hair during a drinking diet

To avoid many problems, you should combine your diet with vitamin and mineral complexes. In addition, it is better to lose weight in this way in the summer, when it is possible to drink juices from fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can make liquid puree (you can drink) from herbs and vegetables, especially broccoli. This nutritional supplement helps maintain good health and immunity.

Given these serious side effects, the diet should be maintained for no more than 30 days and more than once a year. The increase in this period leads to serious health problems. During the diet, if you feel unwell or unwell, it is best to stop the diet (following the right way out).


In order not to worsen the physical condition (instead of the necessary improvement), the diet has a number of contraindications. People in one or more groups should replace this method of feeding with a softer system.

Drinking diet is against:

  • breastfeeding;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diseases associated with gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis, etc. );
  • kidney disease;
  • cystitis and tumors;
  • hypertension.

Diet preparation and exit

The first important step is to prepare and enter the diet smoothly. Further results, the likelihood of deterioration and the state of health depend on it.

You may not start eating liquid foods all of a sudden.Starting suddenly can be very stressful for the body.Preparation for the diet takes about a week.

Start on the first day by eating as usual, but make 1 serving of liquid (this is a liquid porridge or puree soup to start with). Over the next 2 days, all products should be cooked in the form of liquid cereal, mashed potatoes or soup puree. And switch between two dishes (smoothies, juices, soups).

For a diet that drinks fruit juices

On days 4-5, they eat 3 meals, it is better to make dinner and two such snacks. For 6-7 days you should eat porridge or puree soup only once a day. From the 8th day, a full-fledged drinking diet begins.

Exit from the drinking diet corresponds entirely to the entrance, on the contrary. First, add 1 dish to the menu of porridge or puree soup. Then after 1-2 days do 2 doses and eat like this for 2-3 days. Gradually change your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to regular meals.

When leaving the diet, it is important to know that after 1, 5-2 weeks of the menu and gradually add solid foods and raw fruits and vegetables. First, the menu changes from soft to puree-like dishes. These include puddings, cereals, soups, casseroles, etc.

What it takes

The list of things to eat with your diet is not long. The first rule, as the name implies, all products must be liquid. It can be:

  • juices: fruits, vegetables, berries (self-squeezed);
  • very thin soups, so you can drink them;
  • smoothies (including vegetables, celery smoothies worked well for weight loss);
  • ordinary and mineral water;
  • fish, meat and vegetable broth;
  • herbal teas;
  • compotes;
  • jelly, fruit drinks;
  • milk, unsweetened yogurt and fermented milk products - the maximum fat content of 2%;
  • frozen ice made from natural juices (can be made into cubes and then melted);
  • teas.

There are no strict restrictions on the amount of food. The only thing is not to use more than 5 liters of fluid per day. Otherwise, the tumor is waiting for you.

Drinks for the diet

What is not allowed

The biggest limitation in this digestive system is solid, shaped foods that need to be chewed. However, there are a number of liquid foods that should not be used throughout the diet.

What not to drink when dieting:

  • alcohol;
  • soups are fatty, especially pork, beef and chicken (if skin and meat are used in the soup);
  • fatty dairy products;
  • purchase of packaged juices;
  • coffee, cocoa;
  • vegetable oils.

Sugar and all beverages containing it should also be removed from the menu. Therefore, all purchased teas are automatically removed.


When only 2-3 days of drinking diet, the results will be noticeable. Until then, the scales may show your normal weight. This does not always happen, and it all depends on the individual. However, usually in the first days there is a lot of stress in the body and this stops the whole process.

You can lose up to 7 kg in a week by following a drinking diet, but this is a very high result. Weight loss of 2-3 kg in 7 days will be less traumatic for the body. And besides, everything depends on the initial weight. If you only have 10-15 extra pounds, then 3kg per week is the best result, racing for more leads to many consequences.

before and after the drinking diet

You can lose up to 15 kg in 30 days of the diet. True, the average figure is 10-12 kg. But here, too, it depends on the initial weight. By the way, after the first week, the rate of weight loss will drop sharply and will no longer be so fast. This is because the body becomes accustomed to the chosen food system.

Sample menu 7 days

If you have chosen a shorter diet option, the menu can be divided into days of the week for a specific beverage. The most important thing is to really assess your capabilities, and if you realize that you can not tolerate laziness in mineral water, then it is better not to organize a water day.

Diet for 7 days:

  • Day 1- time of juices. Today you can drink only various juices and still water. But don't use the same product for juice, diversify your menu. For example, make celery juice for breakfast. Let the carrots for the second meal and fresh apples for lunch.
  • 2 days- All daily meals consist of soups and water. Do not drink the same alcohol throughout the day. Make yourself several options: fish soup, vegetable soup, chicken soup.
  • Day 3- milking period. Today the menu includes kefir, fermented milk, yogurt or milk. In addition to milk, you can drink weak tea and mineral water.
  • Day 4- Fruit drinks and jelly day. The best and healthiest fruit drink comes from raspberries, strawberries or lingonberries.
  • Day 5- Time for watermelon and citrus juices. Everything is clear here, you can drink only watermelon and citrus juices for a day, you can also freeze it and then absorb it.
  • Day 6- Day of tea, soups and water. Today you drink these drinks all day. By this time, the body is accustomed to the food system and is ready for such a day.
  • Day 7- sweet time. Here you can fully express your imagination and experiment. You can also drink various milkshakes, most importantly without food additives and flavor enhancers.
For drinking diet of fermented milk

14- and 30-day menus

If you are planning a drinking diet for two weeks, then the option is not suitable for any meal of the day. Here you need to make the menu more balanced and supplement it with vitamin-mineral complex.

The daily diet for 14 days should include protein, fats and carbohydrates. This option offers a more monotonous menu, but this way you can get your daily protein, fats and carbohydrates.

An example of a multi-day menu that you can combine in different ways in 14 days. The same examples can be used for a 30-day drinking diet. In addition to the menu, do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Option number 1

  1. Breakfast: kefir.
  2. Snack: grapefruit juice.
  3. Lunch: light chicken soup.
  4. Snack: mineral water.
  5. Dinner: cranberry jelly.
  6. Second dinner: apple juice.
Kefir for a drinking diet

Option 2

  1. Breakfast: fermented boiled milk.
  2. Snack: fruit juice.
  3. Lunch: beef broth.
  4. Snack: compote of dried fruits.
  5. Dinner: frozen juice.
  6. Second dinner: milk.

Option 3

  1. Breakfast: low-fat boiled milk.
  2. Snack: fruit compote.
  3. Lunch: fish soup.
  4. Snack: milk.
  5. Dinner: liquid broccoli soup.
  6. Second dinner: fruit juice.

Option 4

  1. Breakfast: liquid vegetable puree.
  2. Snack: fruit jelly.
  3. Lunch: chicken broth.
  4. Snack: orange juice.
  5. Dinner: kefir.
  6. Second dinner: carrot juice.
Vegetable juice for the diet

Option number 5

  1. Breakfast: kefir.
  2. Snack: compote of dried fruits.
  3. Lunch: low-fat fish soup.
  4. Snack: vegetable juice.
  5. Dinner: carrot puree (liquid).
  6. Second dinner: milk.

Option number 6

  1. Breakfast: sour milk.
  2. Snack: fruit juice.
  3. Lunch: beef broth.
  4. Snack: fruit jelly.
  5. Dinner: drink broccoli soup.
  6. Second dinner: frozen juice (for thawing).
To drink frozen juice diet

All of these options can be combined, modified, and supplemented. Drinking diet should be treated with caution, as excessive hobbies or long-term damage to health. However, if you are in good health, and you still choose such a diet, then you will definitely like the result. In 30 days you can completely cleanse the body and lose about 15 kg.