Watermelon diet minus 5 kg

Watermelon diet is the most delicious and most effective. Using this method, you can get rid not only of excess weight, but also problems with the digestive system.

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Benefits of watermelon

  • The fruit contains a large percentage of magnesium. Therefore, people suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular disease should include watermelon in their diet.
  • Eliminates excess cholesterol and toxins
  • low in calories (ideal for those who want to lose weight)
  • Beneficial substances for the body: potassium, vitamins of groups A, C, B, PP
  • Contains iron (helps fight anemia, anemia and blood diseases)
  • well digested
  • According to nephrologists, watermelon should be used for nephritis, cystitis and gallstones.
  • Watermelon juice perfectly removes and cleanses the liver
  • Provides diuretic, choleretic and mild laxative effect
  • regulates water-salt balance
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Another little-known fact: the fruit contains a high percentage of the antioxidant lycopene, which is known for its anti-cancer properties. Therefore, watermelon can be used not only to lose weight, but also to prevent cancer.

Benefits of watermelon diet

  • effective and efficient (in 7 days you can lose 3 to 5 pounds). If you follow a proper diet, you will lose up to 8 kg in 2 weeks.
  • short term. If you need to get in shape urgently, this option is ideal for you.
  • Helps completely cleanse the body of excess fluid, salts and toxins. They normalize metabolism and regulate the skin.

Watermelon diet

№1 option. The essence of this method: you need to eat 1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg of body weight. Can be divided into 6-7 receptions. We don't eat anything else, everything is very hard. But the result will not wait long. You can only drink green tea or water. Duration is not more than 5-7 days. You don't have to continue to get tired.

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Option number 2. It lasts for 10 days and according to the scheme of the first option you need to add only 1-2 slices of rye bread to the daily norm of watermelon. Weakness, discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, fatigue may occur during the diet, but this is normal in all mono-diet. Usually, these symptoms appear on the 2nd day.

How to get out of the diet?

Nutritionists recommend eating light foods for 10-15 days: lean meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish.

Sample menu:

  • Breakfast: porridge (buckwheat, oats, rice), low-fat cottage cheese or cheese (you can use eggs), tea
  • lunch: lean meat / fish; vegetable and herb salad; Tea coffee
  • Dinner: watermelon (1 kg per 30 kg body weight).
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  • kidney stones
  • diseases of the pancreas
  • diabetes mellitus
  • Problems with the genitourinary system (consumption of large amounts of watermelon can stress these organs)

Please note: you can't buy watermelons as soon as they are off the shelf (it contains nitrates, which has a negative effect on health). Optimal time for consumption: late August, early September.

How to choose a ripe watermelon?

  • If the fruit is of good quality, the peel should be firm
  • The sound of the knock should be audible (slight vibration), never tubeless.

How to check nitrates? We take a small piece of pulp, put it in water and hold it for 10-15 minutes: if the piece is blurred and retains its shape, do not worry - you have chosen a high-quality watermelon. Otherwise, the nitrate will immediately disperse into the water. Before use, watermelon peel should be thoroughly washed to kill bacteria and chemicals. Watermelon diet is a great option to deal with excess weight in a short time without harm to health.