Recommendations on how to lose weight quickly with the right diet for good well-being

Fruits, vegetables and juices

Lately more and more discussions have been held on the subject of proper nutrition. Unlike diets, with this approach you can not only lose weight, but also completely change your lifestyle, normalize the digestive tract and improve your health. By acting gradually, you can avoid disruption and rest assured that those extra pounds will never come back.

How to lose weight quickly for a woman or a man: where to start eating

In the first phase, you need to follow simple recommendations that will allow you to adjust to a balanced diet, cleanse the body and even lose extra pounds.

Remove food waste: What does that mean?

First, you need to completely remove unhelpful food waste from your menu:

  • Baked goods made from premium flour;
  • sausage, semi-finished meat products;
  • Soda, sweet packaged juices;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise and other ready-made sauces;
  • sugar and confectionery;
  • Fast food (hamburgers, fries, french fries, various snacks, etc. )

All of these products are low in nutritional value and therefore cannot make up for the lack of vital substances in the body. In addition, such foods are high in calories and lead to an intensive formation of fat deposits. At the same time, a person does not feel satiated like with a full meal and therefore eats more than planned.

Avoid alcoholic beverages: does it help you lose weight?

One can argue for a long time whether drinking schnapps is harmful, provided appropriate restrictions are observed. However, after you have decided to switch to PP, you must completely give up alcohol at least by the time body weight returns to normal.

There are good reasons for this:

  • studies have confirmed that alcohol acts on neurons that control appetite and cause severe hunger;
  • Even a small amount of spirits can cause a person to forget their determination not to eat harmful foods.
  • Alcohol retains water in the body, which means you can determine "gain" and loss of motivation during checkweighing;
  • Snacks and snacks that are consumed with alcoholic beverages are high in calories;
  • Ethyl alcohol slows down your metabolism, which prevents weight loss.

To lose weight, you need to establish a drinking regime

Girl drinks clean water

After you have decided to eat right, you need to get used to drinking enough clean water. Liquids suppress appetite and help you avoid overeating. In addition, water that enters the body is involved in major processes, including the breakdown of fats.

Drink 1. 5 to 2 liters of water daily (6-8 glasses with 250 ml). It may seem daunting at first, but then it becomes a useful habit.It is important to drink some fluids throughout the day:

  • 250 ml in the morning when you wake up;
  • 250 ml every half an hour before each meal;
  • 250 ml each before and after training;
  • 250 ml one hour before going to bed

In order not to forget that you need to drink water, you can install one of the special free applications on your phone.

What should the mode contain in order to access the PC?

This is one of the more difficult, but important, steps to starting a diet:

  • 7 a. m. - hearty breakfast;
  • 10 a. m. - first snack;
  • 1 p. m. - lunch;
  • 16 hours - second snack;
  • 19 hours - dinner;
  • 21 hours - cottage cheese or kefir.

Times are based on getting up at 6 a. m. and going to bed at 10 p. m. You can easily adapt the mode to your own routine.

The break between two meals should not be longer than 4 hours.

Weight of one serving - 200-250 g.This nutritional principle speeds up the metabolism and allows you to feel happy and energetic throughout the day.

How can you adapt to changing lifestyles and menus?

If your goal is not only to lose weight, but also to maintain the result you have achieved throughout your life, then you must prepare to change your eating habits forever. Many people who choose PP dream of eating fast food and other unhealthy foods again while losing weight. This approach inevitably leads to weight fluctuations and poor health. Kilograms go away and then come back again.

Eating well is a lifestyle, not a stopgap solution!

A strict diet isn't the smartest decision to start losing weight either, as it is very difficult to withstand a sharp drop in caloric intake for more than 3-4 weeks.

Some people manage to shed 3–5 kg in this time, but most of that weight is not fatty tissue, but water, which leaves the body when the use of salty and sweet foods is restricted. The body adapts quickly to a calorie deficit and begins to accumulate fat much faster after returning to its normal diet.

It is recommended that you stop your diet now and switch to a healthy diet.Lifestyle changes are easier as long as there are no major metabolic and health problems from weight fluctuations.

How do I switch to a healthy diet?

You can start the second phase either one month after starting the first or immediately after making a decision to adjust your diet. At this point, you need to begin to choose foods more carefully and be more responsible about your diet. At the same time, useful habits are acquired that will help finally switch to PP.

Eat complex carbohydrates and make a list

It is a mistake to believe that people trying to lose weight should avoid all carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are one of the main components of the diet and signal the brain to be full. They are broken down in the body for a long time, do not cause blood sugar jumps and allow you to feel full for a long time.

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are:

  • brown rice;
  • whole grain cereals;
  • durum wheat noodles;
  • Bread made from rye or whole wheat flour;
  • root vegetables;
  • vegetables;
  • legumes.

Conversely, the use of simple carbohydrates should be minimized.

They are included in products like these:

  • Confectionery;
  • white flour baked goods;
  • dried fruits;
  • white rice;
  • some sweet fruits;
  • Noodles made from premium flour;
  • honey etc.

Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed, causing insulin to rise, which then quickly falls, causing hunger. The person eats again and not the calories consumed are stored as fat.

Change your approach to cooking

At this stage, there are two rules to keep in mind:

  1. Refuse products fried in oil.Such foods are more nutritious, increase cholesterol and increase the likelihood that pathologies of the heart and blood vessels will develop. It is better not to fry food, but to cook or bake it with natural spices. For example, if you need to cook scrambled eggs, consider using a non-stick pan that doesn't require oil.
  2. Reduce the heat treatment of plant-based foods.When preparing cereals, fruits and vegetables, fibers are destroyed. This component lowers blood sugar levels, stimulates the digestive tract, and satisfies hunger for a long time.

    For example, cooked carrots are a simple carbohydrate, while raw carrots are a healthy source of fiber. When cooking vegetables, frozen products and muesli, cooking is of course indispensable. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the food does not turn into puree that is completely free of fiber.

Know what to eat during the day

The following rules must be followed for PP:

  1. Complex carbohydrates and some protein are good for breakfast. It's worth getting used to the morning porridge.
  2. For lunch, the body needs complex carbohydrates as well as vegetables and protein. A good option is vegetable salad / steamed vegetables + baked or steamed meat / fish with a side dish.
  3. Ideal dinner - poultry / fish / chicken eggs + vegetables.
  4. The amount of carbohydrates consumed during the day should decrease from morning to evening, while the amount of protein, on the contrary, should be increased. This is due to the fact that carbohydrates provide us with energy and proteins contribute to nightly tissue regeneration.
  5. It is desirable that snacks contain protein and carbohydrates.
  6. In the afternoon (after 4 p. m. with a standard routine) it is undesirable to eat fruits and quick carbohydrates. As an exception, you can eat a green apple.
  7. To go to bed without being hungry, you can drink a glass of kefir or eat cottage cheese an hour before bedtime. It is not recommended to eat fatty foods and carbohydrates before bed.

Organize physical activity: what is that supposed to be?

A sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to poor health.If there is insufficient physical exertion, the muscles become weak and atrophy,osteoporosisand bone mass decreases. As a result, pathologies such as:

  • scoliosis;
  • osteoporosis;
  • cardiovascular diseases etc.

You don't need to buy a gym membership to get enough physical activity. Can:

  • is charging;
  • do yoga;
  • take part in sports games;
  • ride a bike.

To start with, it is enough to train for 15 to 20 minutes a day. This time can then be extended to focus on your well-being.

If there are contraindications to physical activity (e. g. overweight over 30 kg), you should run for half an hour a day. First you need to do 5, 000 steps every day and then add 1, 000 steps every 7 days to track the results in a dedicated application for a smartphone.

Reduce stress and lack of sleep

The role of sleep in losing weight should not be underestimated.Not getting enough sleep increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which prevents fat burning. In addition, cortisol contributes to the accumulation of adipose tissue, especially in the waistline.

The stress hormone concentration can increase with excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages, mental and physical overload.

For many, the transition to eating right seems like something impossible. However, if you act consistently without deviating from your goal, you can wean the body step by step from bad habits, gain health and harmony.